About Us

Cakes & Bakes journey began from Dhanbad (Jharkhand) and grew to number of location. Since then, our family has combined their experience with the vision of a community of collaborative shop owners, supplies, and other partners working together to create a brand name in the market to grow their business.

In order to achieve this the family offers franchises to budding entrepreneurs and distributors partnering with them to ensure success and excellence.

Secret of Cakes & Bakes:

Delightful taste is the hallmark of Cakes & Bakes products. Prepared from hand-picked high quality ingredients, each food items in our bakery is hygienic, nutritious and healthy. We make the service in friendly and have created an excellent ambience.

Our Passion:

Cakes are not just our business, they are our passion. Our pastries, cakes, cookies and savouries are all bakes and prepared with the same love, care and affection. To us, the cakes and pastries that go out into the market are not merely our product line but are way to bring something we love into our customer’s home.

Our Stores:

Our Cake shops are conveniently located in local market and communities to ensure easy availability of your favourite Cakes, Pastries and much more.